Izzy Toll and Matt Williams

Co- presidents

As the HCSS co-presidents 2019-20, we direct the society and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Izzie Tol
Matt Williams

Ella Schofield

Vice President

Ella Schofield

I’ll be organising the Surgical Symposium 2019 and will take on the role of President from 2020-21. Ella heads up the Transplant Rota too.


Sam Sussmes


As HCSS treasurer, I’m in charge of the society’s finances and sponsorship.


Solveig Hoppe


My role is to organise and minute meetings, keep an eye on the society’s inboxes, and help with the social media and online profile of the society.


Aditi Aggarwal

Events Officer

I organise the talks and lectures each term. If you’d like to recommend a speaker or subject area, get in touch!


Ollie Skan

Teaching Officer

I organise the surgical teaching, OSCE preparation and suturing skills workshops offered by HCSS to all the 4th years and GE2 students.


Rory Smith

Communications Officer

I’m in charge of running the society’s facebook, instagram and twitter accounts and keeping them updated!


Marta de Andres

Mentoring Representative

I co-ordinate the new HCSS mentoring scheme launched in summer 2018. If you’d like to get involved, either to mentor keen 5th and 6th year medical students or to receive mentoring, please get in touch!


Eleanor Duck

Foundation Officer

I organise the fundraising events for the Foundation and select the charities that the Foundation will support.

*Recruiting Oct 2019*

4th Year Representative

I liaise with the teaching officer to plan and run educational events for my cohort.